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sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2012

Google Sniper Free Download

This is not a Google Sniper review. Here you will get free Google Sniper download links!
You may have been searching for a free Google Sniper 2 link for a long, long time. I think I know what you've found: Just those "is google sniper scam?" and google sniper review blogs full of affiliate links. That's not what this post is.

I will create posts talking about what is Google Sniper system later. This first one is for YOU who already knows about it and just wants Google Sniper free download. If you don't know what is is, just tipe "google sniper" on Google and you will find out some high priced offers.

Google Sniper free download

Google Sniper free download alternative link

segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

WPSBOXPro + 200 Ultra Spinnable Comments to use with it + 13000 autoapproved backlinks

WPSBOXPro + 200 Ultra Spinnable Comments Free Download + 13000 autoapproved bloglist

WpsBoxPRO "d" DESKTOP KING: Generate 100,000+ Backlinks, RIGHT From Your Desktop

WPsBoxPRO  is a revolutionary 100%
automated solution for dominating search engine and getting hundreds of thousand backlinks from
high PR sites in thirty minutes or less.
WPsBoxPRO  is user friendly and easy to use. The rich interface will enable you to get started  in no



Tame the power of Google, Yahoo, and Bing with a few clicks by harvesting thousands of URL’s in a few seconds. WPsBoxPRO sniffs the footprints from Wordpress and other Movable Type blog posts, automatically gathers a list of links relevant to your niche, and helps you get a cutting edge. Find new blogs to build your rapport and comment on, research competition, boost your product research capabilities, and gather rich information about your next blog post – all with a few clicks.
You can even enter your custom search query and build your own personal footprint library for future reference.


FEATURE 2: Proxy Support
(You don't need proxy for posting on auto approve list)

You can copy/paste or upload your own proxies. We provide a free source of proxies (a website that provide public proxies for free) and recommend one awesome proxy software (unlimited proxies in one time payment). Apart from proxies you have various options like multiple search engines, decaptcher support etc.

Auto Comment Poster will keep posting without involving yourself!

Blog commenting has never been simpler as you can make thousands of comments in a few minutes. Everyone hates the task of manually entering comments and spending hours if not days on it. WPsBoxPRO harvests all 'relevant' blogs (based on your keyword[s]) script and automatically posting comments with a few clicks. You can even mix some unique content on your pages by populating the comments.

If you are looking for quality backlinks, WPsBoxPRO is the right tool! Post comments on your friends Wordpress, Movable Type or BlogEngine blogs at the click of a button. You can define the number of comments to post on every 'refresh', in how many days you want the post to be added (so that the whole link building process looks natural to Big G) and various other settings. WPsBOXPRO will keep on posting on all 'niche' targeted blogs 24*7 without the need of your most important resource i.e YOU. You just set it up and forget about it, it will keep on commenting on blogs



Auto Approve List Upload, Collect URLs, and Manage Your List With Ease!

Upload your comment list using WPsboxPRO, with a few clicks. Get the most out of the tool as it will automatically use YOUR list to post comments. Keep your hands free with the convenient list management where you can import or export lists, and manage your list easily. WPsboxPRO enables you to keep detailed records for each page on your site.
Did you find a EDU/GOV URL? save it, export it, comment on it and get the MOST our of your discovery, all in build in wpsboxPRO.


Unlimited campaigns with the ability to track every comment!

Tracking links just got simpler and faster...WPsBOXPRO provides an easy way to track all the comments posted on various blog, comments which are approved. It also supports 'Multiple Keywords' per campaign and Multiple campaigns for your different domains.
In simple terms, you can add various related keywords per campaign to get MOST possible backlinks. Literally steal from other’s blog traffic and see quality traffic flowing in to your site.



Comprehensive Yahoo and Bing Addon!

WPsBOXPRO also scrapes and post on yahoo and bing search engines, you can select all (Google, yahoo & Bing) or any of there. That’s 1000's of more blogs to post resulting in quality traffic. Personally, i believe that backlinkers ignore the sheer power of Yahoo and bing search engines. They can add 1000's of backlinks to your campaigns with half the resources.


FEATURE 7: Post on Wordpress, Blog Engine Blogs and Movable Types Blogs!

Not only on word press, WPsBOXPRO allows you to post on blog engine and movable type blogs, opening a vast "virgin" blogs (Did you know blog type blogs have many amazing EDU/GOV blogs to post on, waiting for you )
You can post on all or even test various campaigns on different kind of
blog, analyze result, keep the gold and throw the SH**


FEATURE 8: Decaptcher Support

Decaptcher makes it easy to scrape for longer time. You just need to insert your username/pass from your decaptcher account and rest it will take care of google and all those "captcha" protected blogs.


FEATURE 9: Muti-Threaded Application

You can decide the "speed" of application, by using a special option called "number of threads" , the more you enter, the faster is the processing however less "success" rate, same way, less number of threads is slow speed but higher accuracy and success ratio. So, you can decide how you want to go!


· Easy Settings: Just setup the WPsboxPRO once with some basic settings and then you never need to work about setting part, set and forget! Simply rinse and repeat.

· Logs: Logs show you details of every action, thus with moderate knowledge of PC you can control the tool and solve any problem yourself.

· Import/Export: Import or export your blog list based on various categories like successfully commented, Failed posting etc, which helps them to restart campaign from you left it.

· Pausing: Pause your campaigns when required and simply resume from where you left it whenever required

-Tracing: Just activate tracing and we will help you based on the trace result, in case any problem occurs.

And so much more...!

"I am confident that armed with WPsBoxPRO anyone can effortlessly get more links and more data in less time and make more money – the Automated way!"
Now the Bonus
Are you tired of webmasters not approving your comments because they look fake and spammy?
I have a solution for you!
200 Ultra Spinnable comments which you can use with Carson’s WPSBOXPro to get massive
amounts of backlinks at a HIGHER SUCCESS RATE back to your website.
Here is a sample of a spinnable comment..
{Can you tell us more about this|I’d like to find out more|Do you have any video of
that}? I’d {care|like|love|want} to find out {more details|some additional information}.
To Get 199 More Comments Like these For FREE, Enter your email id to get Instant Access!
WPSBOXPro + 200 Ultra Spinnable Comments Free Download + 13000 autoapproved bloglist

Social Media Marketing Manager System Free Download

How To Get Paid A Fortune For Helping
Companies With Their Social Media Presence
Using This Step By Step System & Software...

Social Media Marketing Manager System Free Download  

Why the social marketing manager 3 phase system is unique, easy to follow, and quickly profitable for anyone, regardless of experience...

First you get our proprietary software which generates client pulling reports automatically, on the fly with a few clicks!
Next, you also get our complete manual for finding and profiting from clients quickly.
To make sure you know everything in depth, you'll also get access to our content packed video training seminar.
Just use these tools together for a synergistic effect on getting started super fast, and more importantly, generating that first client and that first paycheck!

Social Media is the now, the future, and the new way businesses are generating massive exposure for themselves...
It's pretty easy to see that social media has quickly become the biggest way of advertising new products and driving traffic to websites in the world today.
You've seen companies, small and large, advertising on TV and telling you to "Like Us On FaceBook" or "Follow Us On Twitter."  Social media is everywhere and there is no sign of it's expansion slowing anytime soon!
The fact is, businesses, big and small, know that social media is not just a phase or some trend that is going to fizzle out.
Social media is here to stay and businesses realize this, which is why they are spending so much time and money to build their social media presence.
There isn't a successful business on the Internet that isn't utilizing social media in some way in their business already or scrambling like mad to do so.
They need you, and they need you NOW to help make that happen!.
Here's why this matters to you (pay close attention)...
Businesses Want To Utilize social Media And they want to do it quickly!
More importantly, businesses need help utilizing social media right now!

The Social media marketing manager gives you everything you need to be a social media manager Expert quickly!

Proprietary Auto-Research & Report Software Robot - The Auto-Research & Report Robot is just flat out incredible.  Pop in some basic information about a business and click a button and out pops a fully populated report in pdf format that you can send to potential clients which shows them all the ways you can help them! How easy is that?

Detailed Social Media Manual - This manual is loaded with all the information you need to master social media, manage clients, and more importantly find all of the clients you can handle.

Content Rich Video Seminar - If the software and content packed manual wasn't enough, you also get the Social Media Marketing Manager video seminar to show you the ropes in live full motion video!

3 Phase System - The three tools included in the Social Media Marketing Manager system were put together for a reason!  You go through each one and they help you master the social media market quickly as well as automate every task possible!

Easy To Understand & Implement - This system isn't full of technical terms and jargon that you just aren't going to understand.  Read the manual, watch the videos, and use the software and you're on your way to a successful social media management business.

Turbo Speed Startup - The Social Media Marketing Manager system helps you get started fast.  Download your copy of the course, go through everything today and start looking for your first client tomorrow.  It really is that fast!

Cutting Edge & Up To The Minute - Everything in this course has been put together based on the newest and most recent trends in the social media market.  Everything is cutting edge and gives you the most up to date information to propel you to success!

Low Competition & Unique - The Social Media Marketing Manager gives you the tools to enter the low competition social media management market.  More importantly, you'll learn how to position yourself and the best solution for ANY business you come in contact with!

Complete & All Encompassing - There is nothing left to chance in this system.  You get the software, the manual, and the videos to ensure that every question you have is answered in great detail.  You'll have no question left unanswered!
Hype Free - There's no magic hype here.  It's plain to see that the social media market is huge and ANY business on the planet is a potential client for you.  This is a real world way to generate real income online working from home and the Social Media Marketing Manager shows you how to get started quickly!
The Social Media Marketing Manager System Will Guide You to massive success as a high paid social media marketing manager With NO Experience Required!